Friends we meet on the Path of Transformation

This beautiful planet is our home. We can choose to take loving care of the earth and it’s creatures and walk in love with one another.
That’s Right! I am willing to release all patterns of criticism
Whether someone walks with you for a moment or for a lifetime, the connection creates waves of consciousness that make a difference. Because we are so interconnected, we are always affecting one another, and everything around us, in every moment.
See those who hold a space in your heart as friends who have chosen to share the journey of awakening for a while. This sharing offers us the opportunity to support, teach, learn, laugh and give… and when the our paths diverge, know that all is perfect and the time we will ultimately spend together will far outweigh the moments we spend apart. After all, we have all of eternity to play and explore and dance with one another.
Today my intention is to bring an unprotected heart to our meeting place.
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