Freedom and self-mastery

Happiness is a choice.
That’s Right! I am ready to set myself free from the past
Freedom lies in the understanding that you are responsible for your own joy. With this knowledge you can do anything! You can choose to release resentment, to stop allowing the stories of the past to destroy the present, to walk forward on your life path without fear… the possibilities are endless.
Sometimes, especially with souls who are more advanced, the ego finds ways to sneak in the back door undetected. It often begins with a desire to help, the desire to evolve, to find joy, etc., but the self talk leads to dissatisfaction. Should you notice your mind wandering to the future or replaying the past, observe it without judgment but purposefully shift your energy into the present moment. Create a space of joy. Celebrate your journey. There is no greater power on earth than your ability to choose freedom over enslavement.
Each of us is a master in the process of awakening. The only difference is the amount of experience and understanding we have amassed. Always seek to go inward and choose self-mastery to the greatest extent that you can with what you have from where you are.
Today my intention is to seek wisdom. Knowing that it comes from within, I will quiet the mind and see through the eyes of love.
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