Fill your life with light

The light of consciousness transforms all that it is shined upon.

“Just a little bit of understanding can bring a tremendous revolution in your life. ”

Relationships provide countless opportunities to grow. They allow us to put our new spiritual insights and ideas into action. We act as mirrors for one another and, knowing this, you can bring light to any situation by going inward, living your soul’s truth and rising above the voice of ego.

Conscious surrender is empowering. It is born of acceptance and creates a space in which a transformation can occur. Fill your life with so much light that being in your presence helps others to see more clearly. This means that you will consistently choose compassion rather than moving into drama. Your words reflect positive expectation and kindness.

Learn how to live without creating attachments to specific outcomes. Having preferences is wonderful, for they allow you to have a unique life experience that is fulfilling and expansive; however, when preferences crystallize into requirements, you create suffering in your experience. Be willing to trust the processing of your awakening. Your light can change the world.

Today my intention is to be an authentic example of kindness, acceptance and unconditional love.

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