Facing Challenges Consciously

We never stop learning. When faced with a challenge, consciously turn toward it.

“The spiritual practice of relationships is about working on ourselves only, freeing ourselves from the constricting grip of our own unhappiness. It is not the other person’s job to take our unhappiness away; our discomfort is our own responsibility. Attending to our own spiritual tasks – seeing our judgments, opinions, beliefs, demands, and staying present with the fears out of which they all arise – frees others to move toward us. Then, when they no longer feel the need to defend, they become more willing to take care of their job. Thus joy in relationships becomes possible.”   
~Ezra Bayda~   

When challenges arise, turn inward and pay attention. Whether found in health, relationships, finances or within your spiritual practice, you are ready for something transformative to enter your life. Facing challenges consciously accelerates your awakening and your willingness to be an active participant in your own growth guarantees movement in your experience.

Be kind to yourself. We all have moments of brilliance as well as moments when we miss the mark. Empowerment calls upon each of us to take personal responsibility for our current state of consciousness so that we can engage life with an open heart.

You are here to awaken and to spark awakening in others. Act from the heart and allow circumstances to unfold as they will.


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