Exploring the realm of possibility

In every moment exists infinite levels of possibility and probability and your vibration indicates which level you will explore. All scenarios are in play simultaneously. This is why one situation can be so different for whomever is involved – our frequency opens resonate realms of possibility and we move through them for the lessons and insight appropriate for our growth.

Throughout our various lifetimes on this planet, we seek to experience every level at least once. From the lower and challenging levels of guilt, shame and anger to the lighter and fulfilling exploration of acceptance, love and peace – all experiences serve a purpose in the journey of our awakening. This is why we say that we honor all paths as sacred – they are all part of the journey towards enlightenment.


Frequency Chart

If your interactions leave you feeling tired, drained or head-achy, it is likely that someone is vibrating in the lower realms and draining your energy. The higher you can raise your own vibration, the less this will occur. Anything above the level of awakening will allow you to align yourself with empowerment and open more possibilities for you.

We can raise our vibration in many ways – meditation, gratitude, music and movement, walks in nature, inspirational art or books, energy work, or anything which makes you joyful – practice observing where you are throughout the day and purposefully take yourself one notch higher.

Today my intention is to live in the realms of love or above.




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