Expand into the unknown

Be willing to explore new ways of being. There is so much more of yourself yet to discover.

That’s Right! I am open and willing to receive the treasures of my own Divine soul

If ever you find yourself trapped by familiar patterns, realize that the whole point of playing in time and space is to experience all that life has to offer. If you have mastered a particular way of being, that’s wonderful, but it’s not the end. There are always new facets to explore.

There is no such thing as failure. In life, we either experience success or learn something new. Every nuance is important. Every experience is sacred. Break out of the norm by consciously taking a risk and seeing what happens.

It’s time to observe how far you have come thus far on the journey of awakening and feel your consciousness expand as you step up to the next level of your divine destiny. Embrace it with all your heart and let yourself align with the new energy.

This is how you allow you’ll come to recognize your own inner wisdom. Ultimately, you’ll find yourself guided into the fullness and expression of your true Divine nature.
Today my intention is to be an authentic example of peace, power, growth and transformation

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