Everything is a reflection

My world is a reflection of my thoughts and beliefs.

That’s right! I am willing to see clearly

Each of us views life through filters which are created by our thoughts and beliefs. Events occur and are interpreted based upon one’s level of consciousness. Observe those around you today and you will witness patterns emerging. The patterns will clearly show what that person is working on as part of their soul’s awakening.

As Colin Tipping says, “If you spot it, you got it!” What we see is a projection of something within us or we would not recognize it. So, perhaps you observe someone who brings heightened drama to his or her experiences. As you see this pattern clearly, you begin to notice moments where your ego creates extra drama in your own life. The person who has acted as your reflection as served a valuable purpose in raising your awareness.

As limiting thoughts and beliefs are released, the world is transformed. This is because of the new filter of perception that comes from viewing life from the higher levels of consciousness. New patterns will emerge and new lessons will be learned as each step forward brings you greater wisdom and enlightenment.

Today, my intention is to trust the processes of my awakening.

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