Enlightenment and personal responsibility

Empowerment requires that we face our fears. Until we do so, they will always block our ability to love

That’s right! I am responsible for my own joy   

Blame creates victim consciousness. When we choose to take responsibility for all that unfolds in our experience and how we respond to it, we become conscious creators. Our thoughts, words and actions send waves of energy throughout the Universe, always showing us precisely what we need to see.

Energy is also created from your innermost core programming and beliefs and can sometimes be harder to recognize. When this is the case, you’ll draw in interactions and situations that will assist you in seeing yourself more clearly. Blame and accusations block the ability to access your inner wisdom; therefore, immediately take responsibility for all that unfolds, knowing that it serves a purpose in the rising of consciousness.

When you choose to approach life with acceptance and a willingness to walk forward in spite of any fear, you create a powerful momentum of insight and awakening that will lead you forward with a greater sense of grace.

Today, my intention is to honor the sacred in all things.

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