Empowerment and responsibility

Be courageous enough to step into your truth and live life on your own terms. The enlightened being cannot be enslaved and seems rebellious to the uninitiated; however, empowerment is just a matter of discovering one’s true nature and living in accordance with it. When we embrace all the unique aspects of who we are, the blend becomes magnificent and we break the chains of societal expectations and conditioning.

Sometimes this innate consciousness triggers fear in those who do not understand it. Many times this is an indicator of your development – recognize any opposition or resistance from those around you as a sign that your energy is shifting. Ultimately, the freedom you embody creates movement in the lives of all that you touch.

Be a light unto yourself. Each of us must develop the capacity to walk through the darkness in order to emerge strengthened and courageous. Then we can share our light with the world.

Today my intention is to recognize that every moment provides an opportunity to become more of who I am.

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