Embrace the uncertainty

Allow room in your experience for the Universe to surprise you.

“With the courage of the soul, we don’t focus only on self-preservation, security, or safety; in fact, such courage compels us to risk our comfort and safety, and sometimes even our lives, as we act according to our most deeply held values. This kind of valor comes from a higher source and is the necessary ingredient for us to create a different dream.”
~Alberto Villoldo~

Create a perfect day. Upon awakening, step outside (or look outside if it’s exceedingly cold) and speak your gratitude out loud. The waves of energy expand from you and go out outward. This raises your vibrational frequency and declares to the Universe that you are willing to take responsibility for your own joy today. Take a moment to listen – to five birds sing, dogs barking, cars driving – and just be.

Make a point to bring mindfulness to your food choices. Slow down and ask yourself if something adds to your health and well-being or are your choices dictated by being in a rush and grabbing something out of habit.

Take a moment to set the stage for a day filled with amazing moments. Dress in a way that makes you feel joyful and empowered. Play music that uplifts or calms you – whatever awakens your inner grace.

Most importantly, allow the Universe to surprise you. Leave some space to breathe. Feel love. Say “Thank you.”

Today my intention is to allow this day to be a blessing in my life.

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