Dream more and worry less

Worry is a waste of your precious energy.

“Life created me to be fulfilled. I now release all expectations, and I know that I am taken care of.”
~Louise Hay~

How are you choosing to use your energy? Do your thoughts leave you grateful, enthused and inspired or fearful and full of doubt? Moment to moment you have the opportunity to leave the past behind. With each step you can focus on what may happen in the future or enjoy the Now.

You have the loving support of the Universe and can take a leap into the unknown. When you are balanced, harmony surrounds you. Trust and innocence become your guides as you discover your innate ability to recognize opportunities that come your way.

Each time you choose to allow challenging situations to empower your spirit rather than corrupt your mind, your soul awakens to limitless possibility. Become a living flame of awareness.

Let your dreams be guided by the love of the journey and conscious experience. Immerse yourself in the totality of life.

 Today my intention is to remember that I am totally and completely guided and supported by the love, light and laughter of the Universe.

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