Discover Your True Nature

There is infinite beauty all around you. It is a reflection of your true nature.
“One who has attained to the essential center moves on, dancing in different situations. Sometimes it is hot, sometimes it is cold; sometimes it is joy, sometimes it is sadness – but now everything brings some message from the whole. Everything has become a messenger.”  

Once you understand who you are and what you’re here to do, the world takes on new meaning. There is no longer any need to be defined by outward appearances or possessions. There is no seeking validation from others. There is no desire to fight or stress; instead, one starts accepting life as it is.

This acceptance allows us to step into gratitude more easily. We recognize the symphonic blend of energies that merge to support us on the journey of awakening. The stages of enlightenment that we reach do not ensure a life without challenges; however, they do build a foundation of peace in our experience so that we no longer get so lost within the story.

Evolution is a pilgrimage. There is no end to the journey of awakening – just the rejoicing of discovery, healing, loving, being, sharing and walking with one another.


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