When pain or discomfort rises to the surface, it’s an indication that something is ready to be healed.

“I am willing to let go of old beliefs that no longer serve me.”
~Louise Hay~

“Perhaps it’s the belief that we shouldn’t have any problems, any discomfort, any pain, that makes modern life seem so distressing. Life doesn’t match our image of how it should be, and we conclude life itself is wrong. We relate to everything from the narrow, fearful perspective of “I want” – and what we want is to feel good. When our emotional distress does not feel good, we recoil from it. The resulting discomfort generates fear, then fear creates even more distress, and distress becomes our enemy, something to be rid of. Let us instead examine our basic requirement that life should be comfortable. This one assumption causes all of us endless difficulties.”
~Ezra Bayda~

Even though discomfort is an indication of growth, that doesn’t mean that we will never feel safe, secure and happy. We most certainly will. The concepts of embracing uncertainty, facing our fears or transforming our challenges into aspects of personal strength and empowerment ensure that any discomfort will not be extended by buying into the stories of the mind.

Remember that “this too shall pass” and simply take one more conscious step forward. As you awaken to the infinite potential of your true nature, you will discover that you have the tools to manage anything that life throws at you.

Today my intention is to embrace what is. The experience I’m having is the exact experience I need for my soul’s growth.

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