Destiny vs Free Will

Life will always present the perfect situation for your souls growth.

“Karmas do not have to be initiated. If you see yourself heading towards a karmic situation, you can stop and decide not to pick up that karmic thread – whether it is a creation or a clean up. Once you begin a karma, however, you will stay with it to the end.”     
~From Michael, The Basic Teachings~ 

Prior to birth, we arrange the perfect circumstances to facilitate the growth we wish to achieve in this lifetime. We work with our angels, spirit guides, healing masters and soul group to create a blueprint that will guide us throughout the journey.

As humans, we are unaware of the perfection and nuance behind the circumstances of our lives because we are so immersed in the physical experience. From the level of soul, we typically feel drawn to particular people and circumstances and attempt to adhere to the blueprint. This is what many refer to as destiny.

Free will comes into play in a few different ways. First, we choose whether or not we will engage in karmic situations – sometimes we will decide to address them in another lifetime. Secondly, when we engage in a karmic agreement, we can choose how we will respond. Will we add additional layers of drama or will we create freedom and balance? It’s important to remember that once one begins a karma, it must be seen through to the end.

The more awareness you bring to your life situation, the greater the opportunity to grow from the experience. Once a karma is complete, you’ll notice that the intensity dissipates, the energy will feel very neutral and you’ll move on to the next lesson.


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