Desire and happiness

Desire can inspire. Thwarted desire can destroy… So how do we utilize the passion and inspiration of desire without becoming attached to end results? Practice! We have the ability to create a momentum that will take us new places in our lives. Consciously focus upon using desire to get things started and then release the energy and see where it takes you. The true desire of every one of us is ultimately the same – happiness. We just utilize different means of expressing that happiness. Most people want to feel appreciated, have supportive relationships, good health, abundance and joy; however, these things often dance just out of reach when we stay aligned with the desire instead of aligning with the sacredness of the present moment.

The way to create change is to see it, state your intention and ensure that your thoughts, words and actions support that intention. Do your part and allow the Divine to surprise you. Be willing to accept the gifts that come your way. Thankfully, you have the opportunity to choose where you wish your energy to flow and you are much more powerful than you know. This moment can be the moment that changes everything.

Today my intention is to choose joy now. All that I need is already here.

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