Creating joy

Happiness comes from within
That’s Right! I am responsible for my own joy

Our thoughts create our reality. Plant seeds of kindness and gratitude and nurture them with intentions that support empowerment, growth and transformation. Consider any negative thoughts to be weeds which must be removed quickly before they multiply and take over the garden of your creation.

You have the strength and ability to manifest joy in your experience Now. This moment is the gateway to transformation. No matter what your circumstance, remember that happiness comes from within. Find it in the little things and expand it outward.

Whatever is unfolding in the field of Now is exactly what your soul requires for your awakening. Intensity, peacefulness, solitude or throngs of activity – all are a manifestation of the Divine. Bring the highest version of yourself to the present moment. Life will respond to you.

Today my intention is to celebrate the journey.
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