Creating a New Reality

Turn and face your shadows. Shine the light of consciousness upon them.

“Wholeness is beyond the shadow. The only ones who conquer the shadow don’t fight it; they transcend it. When you transcend, you go beyond.”
~Deepak Chopra~ 

No matter what challenges you face, remember that no problem can be solved at the same level of consciousness at which it was created. Therefore, if anger or reactivity set a frustrating situation in motion, purposely shift yourself to a higher level such as courage or neutrality prior to taking corrective action. Ruthlessly observe your state of consciousness, consciously take ownership of it and love yourself enough to gently correct course when required.

Transcending fear allows each of us to be a source of love. Through awareness our vision expands and we learn to accept ourselves without blame. Acceptance releases the need for self-judgment, guilt or recrimination, and rather than seeing oneself as flawed, we see only a spirit who is in the process of awakening.

As we change, the world around us is transformed. Life becomes easier as we become less reactive. We discover the joy of being and begin to view existence without the old filters of limitation. The result? Wholeness, joy and peace.

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