“Don’t be too quick to interpret the moment. Just keep quiet. My encouragement would always be: never think anything is against you, everything is blessing. Why should it be different? Just be quiet. Let it all work itself out.”
Life is a dance of opposites and it is through the contrasts that we learn to appreciate the ebb and flow of experience. This world, filled with its apparent opposition and conflict, is merely a reflection of us; therefore, let its conflict direct you inward to heal the conflict within yourself. Your purpose is to awaken and all of existence conspires to assist you in this endeavor.
Notice the polarizing aspects of your life. Where are you trapped in judgment? Where you do feel blocked? Consciously explore the opposite of egoic mind patterns and utilize the shadows to reveal the splendor of your light.
Winter’s blustery days make the warmth of spring even sweeter. Spice and texture add dimension and nuance to our journey. We experience the yin and yang of every possible type of circumstance until the soul learns the true nature of love – that it has no opposite. Compassion is born of contrast.
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