I hold no cherished outcome.

“…the obstacle on your path can become the gateway to a new life unfolding. Set your house in order, tend to business, be clear, and wait on the Will of Heaven.”
~Ralph Blum~ 

Allowing life to unfold as it will is an act of faith. While the ego-mind may clamor for definitive resolutions, planned actions and guarantees, the soul craves to cultivate trust. Therefore; view any pauses in your dreams as gateways to perfection.

When you focus on being balanced and at peace with the present moment, the future takes care of itself. There is no need to project your thoughts and desires on to anyone else or attach to specific outcomes. All your energy turns inward, allowing you to navigate though whatever life offers with a sense of peacefulness and knowledge that everything unfolds in the perfect way at the perfect time.

Often challenges unfold at the beginning of a new life. The shifts in energy call upon us to release things which no longer serve our evolutionary growth. This creates space in which the new can take root and grow. Trust the processes of your awakening.


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