Conscious suffering

Challenges create a space where a transformation can occur.

“Suffering turns into hopelessness when you forget that it’s your teacher.” 
~Ezra Bayda~
When we seek to avert pain at all costs or when we seek to protect those we love from the challenges in their lives, we block potential breakthroughs. The core of this behavior comes from the belief that we shouldn’t suffer… that the spiritually awakened should no longer draw in the challenges of daily life. This belief is what causes suffering in the human condition.
If instead, we simply saw the experiences that challenge us as opportunities to grow, we would cease to fear them. Cultivating acceptance (saying yes to life) means that we accept all that is. That acceptance immediately begins the process of self-transformation as we journey through the levels of consciousness.
It’s important to remember that anger and resistance strengthen the ego. How quickly can you choose to move into love? Life provides constant opportunities to awaken. Each moment is filled with infinite messages of love from the Divine and as we become more empowered, we purposely transform frustrating life situations into spiritual depth, wisdom and compassion.
Today my intention is to remember that I am responsible for my own joy.
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