Compassionate detachment

“I hold no cherished outcome…. I am not subject to disappointment.”
From the Celtic Vows of Friendship
” I feel safe in the rhythm and flow of ever-changing life.”
~Louise Hay~
Attachment creates pain. We want things to be a certain way, we cling to self-imposed ideals of how life should be and when events seem to spiral out of control, we resist. All of this discomfort springs from the belief that we shouldn’t have any problems. Begin to create a healthy form of detachment by seeing the events of life only as the ebb and flow of experience. Know instead, that whatever unfolds is perfect for your growth and perfect for the awakening of all involved. This is how we transform challenges into empowerment.

Through complete surrender we begin to realize that peace always resides underneath the storms of thought. When we drop the need to resist, the heart begins to awaken. Compassion, for ourselves and others, allows us to see beyond the judgments of the mind and embrace whatever life has to offer. You are a child of light. Dive deeply into the present moment and see what you discover.
Today my intention is to bask in the beauty of a brand new day. I am grateful, awake, blissful and at peace. All that I need is already here.
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