Changing vibrational frequencies

One of the many aspects of soul growth is the development of higher consciousness. We constantly seek to move to new levels of perception, open to the guidance of the Divine and cultivate the qualities of compassion, joy, delight and freedom. This requires patience and the willingness to simply own our own stuff, dropping any barriers to love that we carry.

I’m preparing to go on a vacation in a few days. Initially, I was preparing to travel as I normally do but my guides have been instructing me to make some changes to my routine so that I can download and process new energy. I can see that this is a culmination of my willingness to change and grow and I’m excited to explore what lies ahead.

There are times when the soul is ready to travel more freely in the dimensions of higher reality. This allows us to communicate with our angels, guides, healing masters and helpers with greater ease. As we open ourselves, we begin to draw in more light from the Divine and participate in shifting the energy of the planet.

Today my intention is to live in a state of Oneness, deeply connected to all of life. I am willing to accept greater spiritual responsibility and practice at a higher level.

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