Change your thoughts, change your life

You are a powerful co-creator of your life experience.

“Changes can begin in this moment. I am willing to change.”
~Louise Hay~

Until you become mindful, life will continue to repeat. Lessons present themselves in various forms until they are no longer required for your soul’s growth. With this in mind, observe what unfolds in your experience. Chances are that you’ll discover a particular theme that threads through various situations – perhaps the idea that you are not heard. Circumstances at work, with family or your significant other (even strangers…) will leave you thinking similar thoughts. This is powerful! As soon as you recognize the thought that is being displayed, you can take ownership of it and transform the situation.

Begin by utilizing the opposite idea – that you are heard and what you say has value. Then, consciously take the opposite approach within the next situation that arises. Instead of giving an opinion or trying to prompt someone to do something, remain quiet. Remind yourself to think differently… then speak without attachment or commentary. Watch to see how things flow from there.

The ego loves to be proved right, so observe when you fall into old patterns and quickly shift back into empowerment; thereby depriving the ego of self-fulfilling prophesies. Make sure that your thoughts and actions support the new idea of value and positive interactions. Life will rise up to meet you there.

Today my intention is to accept myself as I am and create peace in my heart. Life is a reflection of my thoughts and beliefs.


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