Chakra Healing

Chakra Healing
Seek to create balance in your experience by making choices that keep your energy healthy and vibrant

That’s Right! When I create peace in my mind, I find it reflected in my life

The awakened soul seeks self-understanding and unconditional acceptance of others. All of life is a process of removing the barriers to love that we carry. These blockages get lodged in a particular chakra and disrupt the flow of ease and grace in our experience.

Healing comes from bringing awareness to areas of repeating patterns in our lives. Utilizing color, positive intention and conscious action is helpful when purposely seeking to create greater balance.

Intense emotion or reactivity is an indicator of something that is rising to the surface to be healed. Pay attention to where you feel it in the body while observing any repetitive stories created by the ego. Treat yourself with kindness and patience throughout this process. Then, utilizing the guidelines above, take conscious and healthy action.

Your purpose is to awaken to your true, infinite and divine nature. When you discover the power of acceptance and surrender and take responsibility for your own joy, miracles abound.

Today my intention is to live an inspired life. I choose to utilize every experience as a vehicle of my awakening.

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