Conscious breathing helps to bring you fully into the present moment.

“In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole and complete. I recognize my body as a good friend. Each cell in my body has Divine Intelligence. I listen to what it tells me and know that its advice is valid.”
~Louise Hay~ 
Part of the awakened spiritual experience is to consciously work in cooperation with your physical body. It is the vehicle through which you experience life and is a sacred expression of the Divine. Learn to tune in and observe what you are feeling. Any pain or tension has a message. You may be releasing old toxins, have an imbalance in your energy field or feeling a wound from a past life that may be bleeding through into this lifetime (sometimes experienced as a pain without cause or an “incurable” disease).

Conscious breathing can allow you to access your inner wisdom. Once you sit with whatever you’re experiencing and listen to the messages of the heart, you may be surprised to discover the gift that is being offered.

What becomes possible when you pay attention? Everything. See your life as a constant dialog with the Divine.

Today my intention is to remember that when I find harmony and balance in my mind, I find it in my life.

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