Your life is a sacred expression of the Divine.

May I be the medicine for those who are sick, a partner for those who are lonely, a bridge for those who need to cross over, and a light for those who are blind.
~Buddhist Prayer~

Allow the abundance in your heart to overflow. In your sharing, you’ll discover a limitless wellspring of love, joy and laughter. You can experience the present moment without attachment while you explore the myriad possibilities of who you are. Seek to approach projects and passions with a sense of creativity and fulfillment. Become a loving reflection that helps others to recognize their own beauty.

From the center of your being, the energies of body and spirit combine in an outpouring of patience, love and compassion. This center can be accessed through meditation, gratitude, music, artistry, conscious breath or contemplation. Openness and acceptance will heal your life and also help others to to find their own balance.

We are ready to release the illusions that separate us from one another. The dance of awareness is a constant process of transformation, of growth and intuition and insight. Something new is ready to emerge.

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