Be open

Willingly choose to be present with the experience you are having.

“The heart that seeks to awaken, to live genuinely, is more real than anything. That nameless drive calls you to be who you most truly are.”
~Ezra Bayda~

We evolve through a conscious willingness to be open with new ideas and new experiences. When we are able to listen without judgment or reaction, insight is possible. Honoring others’ paths as sacred allows us to explore and embrace the sacredness of our own path.

Do others see you as non-judgmental? Peaceful? Compassionate? These are the traits of an open person. Conversely, close-minded people are very opinionated, judgmental, often in conflict and travel through life without much empathy or understanding for others.

Our role is to be a living expression of the awakened life. Let your heart be open and joyous. Embrace what is. Be peaceful in the midst of drama. Learn to be comfortable with the unknown. Consistent practice will bring these innate gifts to the surface and your light will transform the darkness.
Today my intention is to be patient.
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