Awaken, grow, expand. Repeat…

Be willing to release all that no longer serves you.

That’s Right! I feel safe in the rhythm and flow of my ever-changing life.

Often, when we have identified with a particular way of being for a long time, the ego becomes invested in that idea and is resistant to all else. When in discussion with others, you may hear them say (or hear yourself say…) “that’s the way I’ve always been” as if that’s a good thing.

We are here to evolve, to discover the limitless depths of being and play in the realms of infinite potential. Imagine if the caterpillar, upon discovering her brand new wings, ignored them completely in favor of continuing to crawl  through life simply because that is all she has ever known.

Every moment offers the possibility of transformation for you. It begins with a thought or a realization and comes into being through experimentation and discovery. Trust the processes of your awakening, knowing that all is unfolding for you at the appropriate time and pace. You are safe.

Today my intention is to choose to recognize the magnificence of my being.
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