Attachment to suffering

The ego always fears the unknown and will often sabotage our efforts to break free from suffering because of it.

“Few circumstances awaken our aspiration to live more directly from the heart than the grave illness or death of a loved one. In such times of naked pain, we’re no longer so intent on clinging to our protections, so interested in preserving our small comforts and our fleeting goals. At such times, we may become aware of just how strongly we hold our hearts back in fear. At this point, grief becomes a doorway to enter more deeply into our life.”  ~Ezra Bayda~

Suffering has no value unless it is conscious suffering. People can become trapped in the story of loss, sometimes for years, and accept it as part of their ego-identity. As humans we all experience the joys and distress of life… the ebb and flow of energy, the loss of those we love, fear of pain from sickness or accident. Yet, these extraordinary challenges call upon us to rise above the mundane.

As spiritual seekers we have a different set of tools that help us to process our painful moments and transform them into the strongest aspects of our growth. Then the ego-driven story and identification as “the one this happened to” becomes the back-story of the empowerment, breakthrough and insight of the soul.

When you feel overwhelmed, go back to basics. Sit in stillness, do gratitude walks, cleanse your home and crystals, take a moment to bless the food you eat. All of these little actions are compassionate gifts that you give to yourself to set yourself free from victim-hood consciousness. And thus, you open yourself to receive the love, light and laughter of the Universe.

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