All that you seek is within you.

All that you seek is within you.

“Divine peace and love surround me and dwell in me. I trust the process of life.”
~Louise Hay~

Our self-images define the boundaries by which we choose to live. Imagine how you would approach life if you truly believed that the Divine lives within you and that you are a spark of the Infinite expressing itself in the present moment. Might you experience less self-criticism, negative inner talk or judgment?

People seek for love. They seek answers and enlightenment. They search for meaning and experiences never realizing that the search must begin within. The quest of awakening is simply to awaken to the truth of what already is.

Our task is to remove the barriers we carry within us. Layer by layer we clear anything that blocks us from participating in the joys of the present moment. To break free from apathy, procrastination or depression, choose one small task and complete it mindfully. This creates a flow of energy, a momentum that will spark your inner wisdom and playfulness.

Today my intention is to slow down and honor this moment as sacred.
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