Accepting what is

When faced with a challenging situation we have three choices: leave it, change it or accept it.

That’s Right! I am responsible for my own joy

Each of us is continually in the process of creating our own reality. Everything you choose to experience has an effect on your energy and your state of consciousness. From the music you listen to, the reading material you choose, the people with whom you surround yourself to what you choose to think, you are constantly in the process of creation.

Your state of consciousness is determined by the amount of peace you have in your life. As you grow in awareness, you’ll naturally want to surround yourself with energy that supports you. One of the most important aspects of spiritual awakening is observing how you respond to challenging experiences. They provide the opportunity to see the effect of conscious energy in motion, to strengthen the skills you are cultivating as well as your ability to accept what is.

Begin small. The next time you feel frustrated ask yourself  if it’s possible to leave the situation or change it. If so, apply your skills and see if you can shift the energy. If, despite your loving efforts, nothing changes, move into acceptance.

Each of us is responsible for our own joy. Step into the role of conscious creator and love your life.

Today my intention is to create a space in which transformation can occur.

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