Transformation in daily life

Let your life be a dance of empowerment, passion and acceptance…
That’s Right! My experience of the world is a reflection of my thoughts and beliefs
Most people can find incredible inner strength when faced with intense challenges; however, I’ve discovered that we can learn a lot about ourselves by paying attention to how we respond to the day to day frustrations of life.
Complaining, by it’s very definition, is the rejection of what is. For the awakened person, awareness quickly kicks in and inspires us to transform the situation – either by taking action or choosing to view it from a higher perspective.
Since everything contributes to our spiritual awakening and evolution, observe your responses to the little things. Sometimes it’s just a matter of slowing down, realizing that you need time to breathe and bring yourself back into balance. Choose to say “Yes” to life, don’t allow frustration to lower your energy, rather let it become the springboard to new heights.
Today my intention is to honor this moment as sacred. 
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