The conscious heart

I read this insightful quote today… “There is pleasure and pain, gain and loss, slander and honor, praise and blame. The Awakened Ones are not controlled by these external things. They will cease as quickly as they arise. If others speak against you, do not be angry, for that will prevent your own inner freedom. […]


The joy of creativity lies in the act of creating itself. When we open to inspiration, our energy and actions enhance life on every level. We cultivate more beauty, gratitude, joyfulness and passion in our experience. Whether you write, play music, celebrate the art of cooking, add your flair while decorating your sacred space or […]


Freedom is a choice. It is a state of mind that we consciously seek – freedom from limitation, pain, fear, anger, resentment, or the stories from the past. Each of us has the opportunity to create the momentum of empowerment in the present moment and one of the greatest joys of awakening is the discovery that […]

We are one

The more you develop a greater understanding of yourself, the more you feel connected to the whole of which we are all a part. This connection allows us to see that we are involved in the same process of awakening, that we are brothers and sisters and ultimately, related in infinite ways that we are […]

Releasing old patterns

Sometimes when we are in the midst of transformation, the situations in which we find ourselves immersed seem to worsen for a while. This is an indicator that the energy is getting ready to move. The ego will use this as an opportunity to “scare” you back into the old pattern because of it’s resistance […]

Mastery and balance

The beauty of your unique gifts lies in the way that they blend together. Like an exotic spice or a new twist on familiar ingredients, the wonderment resides in the unexpected. Those who grace your life seek this energy and information to add to their experience – this is why it’s so important to be […]


Part of our early imprinting is to be politic. We are taught how one should behave, what is expected and hypocrisy becomes embedded in our way of being. Judgment of those who are found wanting then becomes the norm and a righteous indignant response seems justifiable in various situations. This is a mechanism of the […]

Be gentle with yourself

With soul work we must be patient with ourselves. As the Divine makes itself known to you, you’ll become more attuned to the harmony of which you are a part; however, the ego loves to plant the idea that we should be farther along by now… and we become impatient with the process of awakening. As you […]


When emotional intensity hits our experience, we have two options: to breakdown or breakthrough. Changes bring opportunity for growth, structures become unstable and old patterns can be discarded. All too often when challenges hit, people spend a lot of time and effort trying to get things back to the way they were; however, the whole […]


All of existence longs for completion. We desire balance in our experience and are always seeking ways to fulfill that desire. Once something has been completed, we release it. The energy neutralizes and a sense of lightness occurs. Anything that is imbalanced is carried until it too has been brought to completion. In this eternal […]