Making choices based in love

Let all your decisions be made from a space of love rather than fear. When choosing a job, beginning or ending a relationship, whether or not to spend time with family or anything else you can imagine, let love be your guide. Facing challenges becomes a conscious act of devotion – we strive to find the lesson […]

Going with the flow

In order to go with the flow of life, one must master the art of being receptive, accepting and passive without becoming apathetic or asleep to the rhythms of transformation. This ease and grace begins with releasing judgment about whatever unfolds, thus releasing resistance. The more aware you become, the easier it is to immerse […]

Inner joy

Each of us is responsible for our own happiness… and yet, all too often we expect to find it in a mate, job, family interactions, the amount of money in a bank account or possessions. When we reach a particular goal there is a surge of joy and fulfillment which feels wonderful. We may not […]

Infinite potential

Today is filled with infinite possibility and a spark of that energy of potential lives within you waiting to be expressed. As adults, we have become limited by our past experiences and, as a result, we develop a temporary blindness to our own ability to discover the limitless joy of soaring beyond mind-made limitation. You have a […]

Releasing the need to fight

Stress and suffering are caused by neural toxic pathways in the mind. In order to disengage from this energy, we need to be mindful of aligning with the energetic frequency of others who are lost in the maze of blame (or from seeking others to support our own limiting stories). Commiserating with someone may appear on […]


Everything and everyone carries a unique vibrational frequency. The art of spiritual awakening is a consistent movement to higher and higher realms of illumination and understanding, each of which offers a greater perspective, both of the self and of others. Higher vibrations bring freedom from the intense emotional suffering of the egoic mind and provides an awareness […]


There are times when all we can do is wait. Perhaps you’ve stated a desire, created a vision board, sent intentions out into the Universe or simply planted a seed of a change in consciousness within you. In moments of action we find the ability to focus, we do our best, knock on doors and stay […]

I hold no cherished outcome

In the depths of experience, we can choose to remain free from attachment and carry a sense of inner balance with us wherever we go. To hold no cherished outcome means that we learn to release the expectations we have formed regarding others, ourselves or situations. The mind becomes attached to illusions, an idea or […]

Creating peace in the Now

The light of the Infinite shines through you. It cannot be lost, though sometimes we can feel that it is lost to us. All too often we become entangled in thought, creating a jumble of conflicting ideas and worries while we try to meet the impossible demands that we place on ourselves. Throughout it all, […]

Releasing control

When we attempt to control the world around us, the energy we emit creates a rigidity of the soul that’s difficult to penetrate. These structures of thought may present themselves in our lives as a feeling of tenseness, grinding of teeth, forgetting to breathe… It’s time to allow spontaneity and vulnerability to enter our lives. […]