The energy of your intention in motion

From time to time you may face challenges that alow the ego to slip in and momentarily take over your state of consciousness. This can be felt as anxiety, fear, confusion, stress or simply feeling off-balance. Part of the human experience – which is ultimately the expanding experience of the Divine – is to learn […]

The journey is the goal

Your unique Path of Transformation is a sacred place and the journey itself is the goal. Each step that you take is important and each moment has meaning and purpose designed specifically for your spiritual awakening. During times of movement and change, cultivate an attitude of acceptance. This opens your energy to receive new friendships […]

Infinite possibilities, infinite choices

Here you stand at the precipice of a brand new day filled with infinite possibility… how will you use it? There are new dimensions of the Self to be explored, friendships to discover, wonders to see and old wounds ready to be healed. Let your choices be led by joy and intention. Share your gifts and […]

The quest for love

As you develop your inner richness and maturity, you’ll find that others will be drawn to you. In a world filled with busyness, opinion, drama and all the games which people play, the advanced spiritual seeker provides a calm space of respite. The quest for love is actually a desire to achieve wholeness. Initially, we […]

Self approval and self acceptance

Whatever you fight, you strengthen. What you resist, persists. What you put your attention on grows… all these statements point to one idea – our energy flows into whatever we focus upon. When you truly desire to create change, realize that fighting the (perceived) negative is a waste of time. The more you dwell on […]

Dream the world into being

In each and every moment we are dreaming the world into being. When we aren’t consciously shifting the dream, we struggle within the collective consciousness of fear and unconsciousness. You can shift your experiences with grace and courage and birth a new reality of joy from the matrix of creation. It is said that life […]

Accept the gifts that life has to offer

The blessings that flow into your experience are a result of past work, effort and intention and you deserve to enjoy all the beauty that life has to offer. Be open and willing to receive this energy, for it is merely a return of what you have already sent out into the world. Sometimes blessings are […]

Healing emotional wounds

Allow your wounds to be healed. When emotional pain rises to the surface, it is at that moment that it is ready and available to be healed. These deeply buried wounds of the past are repeatedly reflected in our life experiences until they are cleared. In order to receive healing, we must choose to become […]

Simple messages of love and kindness

The higher the vibrational frequency of energy, the simpler things become. Whether someone’s personal story, the teachings we discover in books or through spiritual teachers or the language of the heart, one can determine the type of message based upon excessive input or the lack of it. Ego-driven stories contain a lot of detail. There’s […]

Divine timing

Divine timing ensures that you are right where you need to be. A missed opportunity is not a mistake, it is merely a missed opportunity. Drop any judgment or self-doubt and know that you have always done the best you can with what you have from where you are on your spiritual journey and your […]