Just Be

“Just be yourself. Let people see the real, imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful, magical person that you are.”
~Mandy Hale~

Just in case it might have slipped your mind… You are an absolutely unique, beautiful, ever-evolving, radiant being of light, resplendent as the noon-day sun, breathtaking and magical. Thank you for being here.

When life gets overwhelming and opposing energies seem to tug you in several different directions at once, take some time to re-balance, breathe, and settle into the truth of who you are. You have chosen to be here now for a specific purpose and the world needs your unique perspective. You bring something to our shared collective that no one else can.

Demonstrating gratitude, slowing down, allowing mindfulness to infuse our responses to life and honoring all paths as sacred helps us to see more clearly. Our role is often to show others a different way to be; however, that can only be accomplished when we are fully present and acting without attachment. Unwavering authenticity and compassion create a powerful foundation that supports conscious interactions with one another.

Your kindness sends ripples of energy throughout the universe. Like a flower, simply reach toward the sun, move gently in the breeze and enjoy blanketing the world with your natural beauty.


“You don’t have to remind a flower when its time to bloom is near; it has been preparing for it all of its life.”
~Matshona Dhliwayo~

As we learn to transcend the mechanics of the ego and rise above thought, we are able to recognize the sacredness in life and within ourselves. All that you see is a reflection of your current state of consciousness; therefore, choose to periodically remove yourself from outside distraction and just be. Experience the beauty of life without mental chatter. Immerse yourself in the magic of the present moment and in the stillness, feel the vibrant response of your soul.

When we spend time in nature in this manner, our energy is replenished. The stresses of the day become less important as simple gratitude transforms the mundane into the sacred. The small, ordinary things of life become vehicles of spiritual awakening. The laugh of a child, the love of a dog, clouds creating pictures in the sky… everything is the voice of the Divine. Recognizing this, you are enlightened.