“A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.”
~Zen Shin~
To flower is to spread seeds of infinite possibility in a celebration of life and love. There are showers of blessings waiting to nourish the soul and sharing gifts of joy is the most authentic way to express your true, peaceful nature. Each time your enlightenment is embodied through conscious interaction, you can activate a sympathetic response from those around you.
Let your life be your message. Like the lotus rising out of muddy waters, your flowering is the culmination of absorbing energy and strength from facing challenges in your experience. All that is required is to be. There is no reason to compare. Your awareness is unique.
This lifetime is merely one expression of your interpretation of the Divine. The insights and gifts you have to share may be fleeting in the overall scheme of things, but the waves of possibility that emit from them are infinite. The integration of these facets create your unique way of being in the world… and we are graced by your presence.