Growth and Acceptance

According to The Michael Teachings, we arrange several overleaves when planning the blueprint of a life. These set the framework for our personality type and create the perfect foundation for the lessons that we seek to learn in this lifetime. The seven goals are: Re-evaluation, Growth, Discrimination, Acceptance, Submission, Dominance or Stagnation.

This is not a rigid system of thought. One can utilize any of the goals when working through a challenge, but the primary goal is often the answer that we seek when navigating through the intensities of life. The two most commonly used are Growth and Acceptance.

If Growth is your goal it indicates that your soul seeks to expand rapidly; therefore, you’ll often have many intense situations that set the stage for moments of awakening. Someone working with that particular goal instinctively learns how to seek the lesson inherent within the challenge.

For those using Acceptance as a goal, the answer to almost every problem is that they must learn to accept what is and then work with it rather than against it. Rejection is the hardest thing they face. After several years of fighting to fix something they perceive as wrong, they ultimately learn the peace and unconditional love that Acceptance has to offer.

“Know thyself” is written at the temple of Delphi. Once you understand your purpose, strengths and foibles in this lifetime, you are well on your way to enlightenment.

Teacher-Student Karmic Monad

A karmic monad is an agreement between two souls. This is widely used to help one another progress on the journey of awakening. The dance can last for years or be as brief as a conversation on an elevator. When this energy is play, one may feel compelled to literally teach another – perhaps by imparting information or acting in a way that compels the other to cultivate an important aspect that is ready to shine.

In the midst of challenging situations, seek the lesson. It’s a quick mental shift, but is one that can take you from victim-hood into empowerment. Once you have mastered that aspect of your growth, you will no longer need that particular pattern in your experience. Honor the people in your life as teachers. Every moment offers an opportunity to awaken.

Rather than taking on too much at once, consider working on one issue at a time. Bring your awareness to what is required in this moment. How can you bring peace into your experience? What conscious action will shift the energy? Keep in mind that the ego is often resistant. See this resistance as an indicator that profound change is at hand.

Embrace Your Role

“The choices of role determine the nature of experience and perception, the part which the soul will play throughout it’s cycle.”
~from Michael – The Basic Teachings~

When we choose this planet as a playground, we select a role that remains unchanged throughout our many lifetimes. This provides us the opportunity to explore the many facets of being and facilitates karmic lessons.

There are seven roles:

  • Servers make up 30% of the population and are willing to tend to others’ needs
  • Priests comprise 5% of the population. They desire to propel others toward spiritual awakening
  • Artisans are 20% of the world’s population. They are eccentric, creative and bring new things to the physical plane
  • Sages seem more numerous than 8% because they are typically quite visible. They disseminate, inform and see themselves as truth-tellers, often being talkative and quick-witted
  • Warriors help life to function. They are they doers – strong-willed, focused and single minded. They compose 20% of the population
  • Kings are natural leaders and attract love and loyalty from those who follow them. They encompass only 1-2% of the population
  • Scholars are driven to accumulate knowledge. People go to them for information or an objective viewpoint. 15% percent of the population, they also are the ones who record life’s information in the Akashic Records

All these roles combine together to create the perfect tapestry of our collective awakening. When you choose to live your truth, trust your intuition and embrace your role, life unfolds perfectly. By living in alignment with your soul’s purpose, you bring something special to the world and have a greater impact than you may realize.