“It is best to emphasize again and again that spiritual awakening has nothing to do with reaching a divine state. Rather, it is the acknowledgement that every moment is about accepting life’s divinity.”
~Steve Leasock~

We are the conduits through which the Divine experiences itself. Throughout our varied, daily experiences, we can find reminders of love and support everywhere. The more balanced one is, the easier it is to be receptive to the pureness of that energy.

Seeing life as sacred is the foundation of a joy-filled journey. A conscious approach prompts us to transform challenges into empowerment, losses into blessings and endings into new beginnings.

You have incredible potential. What is needed will present itself in the perfect way at the perfect time. In that moment, you will recognize the calling of your soul and see beyond the mechanisms of the ego to the love which resides at the core of all things.

The wordless messages of existence can only be heard with the heart. Experience, feel, observe – and notice when the ego jumps in with facts, knowledge, projections or distractions that limit your experience. Moments of inner silence play a valuable role in your spiritual awakening.