Awakened Exploration

“We are all of us wanderers, Chasing moonbeams, Our hearts full of wonder, Our souls drowsy with dreams.”
~Ramblings of the Claury~

Be a dreamer, a soul searcher and a wanderer.

The spiritual seeker has a life that is filled with wonder. Many need to rediscover how to approach each day with childlike joy and innocence. No matter where life takes you, there is something of value waiting to be discovered.

Imagine how life would unfold if every moment was experienced as a loving conversation between you and the Divine. Might you choose to take frequent pauses to breathe, to be present with nature, to nurture your body? When each step is an act of love, your definition of life is transformed. Walk gently through each day without expectation but with an open heart.

Even if your physical locale doesn’t change much, choose to experience it anew with a sense of loving curiosity. Your heightened vision will inspire your journey in ways you never expected.

The thrill is in the discovery, the exhilaration of the free-fall. Trust your intuition and allow something immense to open. Then the ordinary becomes the extraordinary, walls disappear and you become aligned with the infinite possibilities of the Divine.

Make Love Your Foundation

The foundation of personal integrity and compassion is love. This is a much higher vibration and more powerful than any moral codes, commandments or judgement. Those who are willing to judge others are also ready to suffer separation in order to feed the ego’s need for superiority. It’s much easier to condemn another than to look within and face the need for change.

Conscious spiritual seekers bring an entirely different quality to their experiences. Always ready to forgive (or to recognize that forgiveness is not even necessary), he or she embodies compassion for those who struggle with unconsciousness and understands that everyone is in the process of transformation, regardless of how it appears.

The awakened version of morality comes not from conscience, fear or societal pressure but from a higher state of consciousness. Seek always to become more aware of your own inner mastery and wisdom – this will allow you to live in complete harmony with the Divine and you will see it reflected by the world around you.

Often society will not understand the peacefulness of an enlightened person – Where is your anger? Why aren’t you complaining about the state of the world? Aren’t you worried about what might happen? Let love express itself through you in unusual ways and be the change you wish to see.

Living Your Truth

I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.
~Rabindranath Tagore~

Your role is to discover your unique path and live it to the best of your ability. Nothing is more fulfilling than living in one’s truth. When we stop trying to comply with other’s beliefs or expectations, and seek authentic joy in the sacred space of daily life, a space opens… and in this space, miracles are possible.

If you have found your passion, live it Now to the best of your ability. If your search continues, trust that your soul’s mission will make itself known to you at the perfect time.
Everyone has something  beautiful to offer – a moment of compassion or empathy can be life-changing for those who are touched by your energy. Sharing new insights, artistic vision, passion or laughter can open new avenues of experience. Never doubt the transformative power of your conscious choices and interactions.