“Regret is about the past,
anxiety is about the future,
curiosity is about now.”
~Natalie M. Esparza~
As we cultivate the ability to be more mindful and deeply immersed within the present moment, life takes on an aura of wonder. Allow curiosity to be your guide for there is always something new to discover. The key to being receptive is to have an open heart and open mind.
Many people are deeply burdened by the baggage they carry – opinions, prejudice, memories, worries, hopes, desires – the immeasurable mental weight distracts them from seeing the beauty that surrounds them. Awakening is nothing more than the systematic removal of these layers of distraction.
Curiosity ignites passion, taking us outside of time and into the realm of infinite possibility. Don’t wait for life to fall into place before you enjoy these innocent, childlike aspects of yourself. Celebrate this breath, this step… and create spaces of wonder in the Now. Follow your bliss to places unknown knowing that you are loved and supported each and every step of the way.