“As we feel the pain that all people feel in facing an uncontrollable world, compassion naturally arises – even for our ‘enemies.’ ”
~Ezra Bayda~

Collectively, much of humanity is absorbed in the mundane, obsessed with appearances and drama. They have forgotten or neglected the only thing that matters – awakening to the truth of who we truly are. Each of us is a fragment of the infinite Oneness of the Divine. The earthbound experience utilizes forgetfulness in order to facilitate the joy of awakening.

Purposely look past the roles that people play (both consciously and unconsciously). Depth of vision will allow you to connect with the soul of another and interact from a higher level of consciousness. Consider this: all definitions create limitation. See if you can stop defining yourself and others. Instead, operate as a field of awareness, bringing the vastness of soul connection into play.

When faced with opposition, remember that the other is acting from a place of fear and has lost touch with the deeper perfection of life. This may foster compassion rather than anger. Thus, your actions will be based upon love, balance and perspective.

When we connect on a soul level, something powerful happens. We experience a brief moment of Oneness, our collective energy expands and we begin to explore a new facet of love.

Present Moment Acceptance

“The true task of a spiritual life is not found in faraway places or unusual states of consciousness. It is here in the present.”

~Jack Kornfield~

Small acts of kindness can change the world around us. Just as consistent drops of water will eventually transform stone, loving actions leave a lasting impact. Practice reaching out in thoughts and behavior with kindness. When you choose to see the sacredness in all beings and in every situation, you become a channel for the love, light and laughter of the Divine.

The paradox of higher consciousness is this: By giving without asking, we attract all that we need. By putting others first, we wind up ahead. When we live without fear, life responds to us in miraculous ways.

Seek to break free from the limiting belief that life “should” be a certain way and instead, choose to embody complete acceptance of life as it is. Acceptance is not predicated on liking something; however, its presence opens the possibility of clarity and empowered movement.
Your journey is your own. Each of us is ultimately responsible for our own joy and the unique way that we choose to walk through the world.

It’s All Love

“Love is the bridge between you and everything.”  

We are here to explore the infinite facets of love in whatever form they may appear. To live with an open heart is not about neediness or desire. It’s an authentic recognition of the sacredness in another as well as within ourselves. Your conscious interaction engages Divine energy and a healing exchange occurs. These preemptive acts of love are a masterful way of gently guiding your day to unfold in the manner you desire.

Kindness is never wasted. Pausing to smile or sharing a loving moment increases your own store of happiness. When you’re fully immersed in the Now, it’s easy to become a channel for the love, light and laughter of the universe. The right words will flow and your loving energy will plant seeds that may take root.

Allow intuition to assist your daily navigation through life. You’ll know the appropriate time for stillness, observation, kindness, action or holding space. One barometer of Presence is the ability to act and move forward without second guessing yourself. Once divine energy has expressed itself through you, the transaction is complete.

Being Love

“Spiritual practice is about increasingly entering into love – not personal love, but the love that is the nature of our being.”  
~Ezra Bayda~ 

The purpose of our journey is to discover the love that resides at the root of all situations. Unconditional love – for oneself as well as others – once discovered, is something that no one can take from you. How empowering it is to find a way to love even those who may have caused you harm. Great freedom awaits those who seek this high level of consciousness.

You can create space in which transformation can occur. When demonstrating love for a child, life partner, friend or family member, allow for infinite possibilities to be explored. Support them as they navigate their journey of awakening by being a consistent force of loving kindness in their experience.

When someone feels trusted, accepted and loved, they thrive. With no opposition, one can experience expansion rather than wasting precious energy on protection, explanations or defensiveness.

The best way to provide this space of empowerment is to continue your own work. When we focus on ourselves and explore the nuances of our conscious living, we bring a greater awareness to all of our interactions.

Self Discovery

“Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at the moment.”
~Eckhart Tolle~

Awareness is the first phase of transformation. Observe yourself without judgment. Beyond preferences, stories of the past, future aspirations and limiting beliefs lies a field of awareness. You are far greater than the role you play in this life.

Should you notice something that you would like to heal or release, begin by simply seeing yourself clearly. Without criticism, express gratitude for the lesson the energy has brought into your experience. You may say something like, “Even though I may not be completely aware of its purpose in my growth, I am grateful for ____. Thank you for the role you have played in my development. I release you with love.”

The technique of using awareness, gratitude and love creates space for a transformation to occur. It turns emotional and spiritual healing from a human, ego-based struggle into a conscious, loving process. When your precious energy is no longer tied up in perceptions that reinforce limitation or lack, all that remains is an infinite field of pure potential.


Never underestimate the value of kindness.

It is said that no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. Choose to bring this lovely energy to the planet. Whether you rescue a spider, listen to a stranger, hold space for your child or help another to see their own beauty, you can walk gently upon the earth.

We live immersed by ego-generated opinions and the contrasts of belief systems seem to be widening. Things appear chaotic. And yet… we are on the verge of tremendous growth and breakthrough. Great change is always proceeded by disruption. Most people expect (or even seek) push-back, thus allowing the ego to feed existing negative energy through debate. When others seem to want conflict, give kindness.

The goal is to see through and break free from the mechanisms of the ego. There is no need to be right. We can utilize conscious actions and insights to infuse our life situations with high vibration energy. Rather than repeating old ideas and behaviors, seek instead to embrace a new way of being. Our collective consciousness is ready for expansion. Educate others by demonstrating what authentic loving-kindness looks like and let your life be your message.

The Power of Stillness

“When you enter a place of stillness, you awaken the divinity within you.”

~Peggy Sealfon~

These are extraordinary times and you are an extraordinary being. It’s important to remember that you will always benefit from re-balancing your energy with moments of quietude and mindfulness. In this space of awareness we have the opportunity to touch ancient wisdom.

When aligned with your true nature, you’ll discover that there is nothing to fight. There is only love. In compassion, we can meet one another in the field of form. In kindness, we have the strength to extend a hand and lift someone from the throes of darkness. Our words of hope plant seeds that can transform the consciousness of those with whom we come into contract.

It’s important to consider that you have chosen to be here in this time and space for a specific reason. Your unique perception and abilities are integral aspects of the tapestry we weave together. The lessons you learn or facilitate in others shape the rising consciousness of humanity. Together we can discover how to see past the limitations of the mind and step into infinite possibility.

Be The Light

“Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place.” 

~ Rumi~

Each of us must demonstrate personal responsibility by observing the energy we bring into our life situations. Mastery calls upon us to take ownership of our state of consciousness in the present moment. We can then take right action knowing that we have a definitive impact on those around us.

Every circumstance offers an opportunity to discover the infinite facets of love. Periodically check in and ask if you’re bringing the best version of yourself to the present moment. It’s empowering to observe, see clearly and shift when required. These are some of the many gifts of expanding awareness. As you awaken, you’ll have access to greater perception. Don’t be surprised if you have a significantly different view of the world than others around you. Let your life be your message and bring gentleness to your journey.

Each of us plays a role in the collective awakening of humanity. Some heal through adversity, some through loving example and teaching while others let the light of the divine shine through them by bringing kindness and compassion into daily activity. Find your truth and live it to the best of your ability.

Walk Gently

“Peace is found not through seeking peace, but through residing completely in what is.”
~Ezra Bayda~

The awakened spirit walks gently through life, seeking to be present and peaceful. This creates a powerful blending of the spiritual and the mundane.

Living a spiritual life is not some perfection that you will experience at some point in the future. It is the consistent practice of bringing a sense of peace and inner purpose to your journey as best as you can, from where you are with what you have. As we awaken, we naturally cultivate more tools and a greater ability to navigate through the challenges and beauty of life.
Listen to the prompting of your inner guidance. Celebrate your breakthroughs while learning from the challenges that arise. Everything works toward your highest good – always. With this in mind, fear departs as we take a greater role in what we choose to create and how we interpret the circumstances in which we find ourselves.
Trust your inner wisdom. You will draw in the teachers and experiences that are most appropriate for your journey. See each moment only as an opportunity to shine. Infinite gifts of love are waiting to be discovered. 


Higher Consciousness

“Consciousness is only possible through change; change is only possible through movement.”
~Aldous Huxley~
Everything is interconnected; therefore, your awakening sends waves of energy throughout the Universe, touching and transforming life itself.
Ones level of consciousness determines their vibrational frequency and together we form a symphony of exquisite beauty and nuance. The purpose of life is to utilize your experiences to awaken your inner wisdom and compassion. The spiritual seeker pays attention to the underlying energy that is inherent in all situations.
Awareness helps one to be more grounded and rooted in the present moment. This allows us to navigate challenging situations without getting lost in the drama or reverting to lower levels of consciousness. When you have mastered a particular lesson, it will no longer appear in your life. The energy around it will decrease and you’ll feel completely neutral when sharing your experiences or reflecting upon your journey.
As you discover your life’s purpose and your life task, you’ll create greater meaning, substance and balance that will reverberate throughout every experience that you have. Simply put, act with integrity, do your best and accept what is… You are contributing to the awakening collective consciousness of us all.