Vision and Purpose

“Evaluate your level of self-mastery by turning your gaze inward and seeing the world, and your place in it, in a new light.”
~Wayne Dyer~
Your journey is unique. As your vision expands, you’ll discover the joys that can be created through balance and self-mastery as you seek to express your soul’s purpose. When energy is focused upon awakening, the need to blame others disappears. We learn to take full responsibility for our own experiences.
When intense emotions arise, slow down and observe the feelings without judgment. Allow the moment to be as it is and examine why you temporarily have chosen to give away your power through reactivity. As you turn as look toward the true object of your distress (typically your thoughts about a situation rather than the situation itself), it begins to transform. The light of your consciousness allows you to understand yourself – and that is the point of our sojourn here.
Make the conscious decision to see all paths as sacred. Give others the support and space they need to find their own way and choose to stay deeply connected to your own peacefulness. Each of us is a master in the midst of awakening. The only difference between us is where we are in that process. Tend to your own state of consciousness. Everything will come together exactly as it should.

Holding Space

“When I dare to be powerful—to use my strength in the service of my vision—then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.” 
~Audre Lorde~
When you find your purpose, new strengths are often discovered. The purpose of adversity is to help uncover hidden facets of potential through experience. Likewise, those you love need to cultivate their own courage and empowerment. Knowing your own strength helps you stay balanced when you hold space for another.
Holding space can sometimes be challenging. The ego may want to swoop in to fix or rescue; however, that can actually block someone from completing karma or learning a particular lesson. To offer support, acceptance, and peacefulness in the midst of intensity is a gift of love. To hold a hand, to offer encouragement, to be a mirror that reflects the others’ strength and potential are gifts of spirit.
Some people obviously learn more quickly than others. Be patient. This human experience is an exploration and lessons learned, no matter how great or small, will be carried forward into the next life. Breakthroughs can happen at any moment. Let us all hold space, set an example and remember that we are walking one another home.