The Joy of Friendship

“Friendship … is born at the moment when one man says to another “What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .”

~C.S. Lewis~

Old souls tend to be drawn to those with whom they have a long and varied history. Through lifetimes of experience, they have played several roles with one another, learned together, and can ultimately interact with a sense of familiarity and safety. These are the souls with whom you can be yourself. There is nothing to prove, just a true acceptance that is not impacted by time or space.

When you meet someone and immediately feel something like, “Oh, it’s you!” it’s likely that you’ve rediscovered a soul mate. Long talks feel like you’re simply catching up and there is a sense of safety. Celebrate the beautiful souls that grace your life. Whether near or far, remind them that they are loved and appreciated.

Since most beings on the planet are currently Young or Mature souls, we do not typically have as many in our spiritual peer group. You may just have a few very special connections and find that it is enough. You are loved and supported on many different levels.

Consistent Practice

“The greatest gift that you can give to this world is to make the mind still.”
~Ajahn Chah~
Throughout your journey of awakening, you will feel drawn to different ideas, modalities and paths to enlightenment. As you find tools that inspire you, consistently work with them. If there comes a point where you “outgrow” that particular passion, that’s ok. Bring something new into your repertoire and move forward.
We never stop learning. Don’t allow complacency to trap you in a mindset that stalls your exploration. When life begins to fall into place (and it will!), it’s important to stay consistent with your spiritual practice rather than waiting for a time of imbalance to inspire you to begin anew.
The key is to walk through life with ease and grace no matter what unfolds. As you cultivate greater awareness of your strengths and step into empowerment, you’ll naturally bring peacefulness into the present moment. Many upon experiencing that sense of ease, think they’ve reached the final destination and pause; however, there are infinite levels still waiting to be explored. As with anything we do, practice makes it easier. It tones those spiritual muscles and makes our journey effortless. Even extreme challenges don’t seem to disengage those who have a powerful daily spiritual routine.