The awakening master

Spiritual awakening is merely the dissolution of all that blocks you from seeing the truth of who you are.   That’s Right! I am a master in the process of awakening   After many, many lifetimes of shared adventure and discovery, we have built up multiple layers of experience, memories, beliefs, projections, wounds and blockages […]

The beauty of reflection

I am merely a reflection of you.   That’s Right! I am willing to see clearly   Sometimes it can be challenging to see ourselves clearly. One of the most beautiful aspects of the human condition is our ability to reflect truth to one another. When you enjoy someone’s integrity, compassion, kindness or sense of […]

Kindness is my religion

I can be the change I wish to see in the world.   That’s Right! Sharing brings me joy   Intention is directly tied to thought. It it created by the intellect – an aspect of the mechanisms of the ego and planning for the future. Give of yourself in this moment without any attachment […]

Friends we meet on the Path of Transformation

This beautiful planet is our home. We can choose to take loving care of the earth and it’s creatures and walk in love with one another.   That’s Right! I am willing to release all patterns of criticism   Whether someone walks with you for a moment or for a lifetime, the connection creates waves […]

Love emanates from within

Live in harmony with all of life.   That’s Right! I am willing to love unconditionally   The awakened spirit is able to love without distraction, expectation or fear of disappointment. In those moments of authentic connection, we become a channel for the light, love and laughter of the Divine. As the layers of ego […]

Seeing without judgment

Perfection. Acceptance. Allowing…   That’s Right! Love flows through my very being. It touches everyone I meet and leads me to greater compassion   In the tapestry of existence, we learn to see the beauty in all things, in all people and in all circumstances. As we release our limiting opinions of others, the patterns […]

Honor all paths as sacred

Allow others the space and time to make their own discoveries.   That’s Right! I honor all paths as sacred   Everyone has their own path. Unless they specifically ask for your direction and guidance, leave your friends and family alone as they embark upon the path of enlightenment (or not). It can sometimes be […]

Live consciously

What we choose to embrace, we become.   That’s Right! I see my patterns and make changes without embarrassment or guilt   Surround yourself with things that enhance the beauty of your life. Since everything emits energy, it’s helpful to be aware of what we choose to have in our experience. Wherever your attention goes, energy […]

Discovery and acceptance

Sometimes you have to be who you aren’t in order to discover who you are.   That’s Right! I am willing to walk my talk and speak my truth with integrity   Accepting yourself is empowering. Consider the idea that you purposely set up the blueprint of your life by choosing your parents, body type, […]