“As we grow in our consciousness.. there will be more compassion and more love. And then… the barriers between people.. between religions.. and between nations will begin to fall.”
~Ram Dass~

There’s no great trick to expanding one’s consciousness; however, the ego will often distract with excessive thought, perpetuating a belief that one needs a particular type of spiritual experience or insight in order to achieve enlightenment. Many run from one spiritual fad to another never realizing the beauty and simplicity of becoming deeply immersed within the present moment.

Books, teachers and experiences are all pointers to truths that reside within each of us. We tend to get inspired when we discover someone with whom we harmonize at the deepest level. Utilize these insights by immediately putting them into practice as much as possible.

Challenges offer opportunities to expand consciousness. First, become aware of any imbalance. Awareness allows a moment of observation of the antics of the ego-mind. Our initial response will be either reactive or conscious. Simply notice. Reactivity prolongs the discomfort while a conscious response takes ownership and expresses itself in a healthy way. Rather than using the mind to understand consciousness, use life as a vehicle to experience it.

Be Here Now

“No matter what our personal circumstances may be, if we ourselves become a source of light, then there will be no darkness in the world.”
~Daisaku Ikeda~

This moment contains limitless miracles and it holds the key to your transformation. For those who have eyes to see, the pathway to Oneness unfolds before us. Put down your phone, turn off the tv and turn inward. Become consciousness itself.

When this world feels overwhelming and filled with conflict, it is calling upon us to bring our awareness deeply into the present moment. Our collective ego is currently engaged in opposition, loud in opinion, unbending judgment and blame that it’s becoming eerily apparent that we stand at the threshold of awakening. Egoic distractions indicate that a breakthrough is imminent.

Each of us must ensure that we are bringing peacefulness, love and compassion to the Now. Make your own state of consciousness the top priority of your experience. You will then respond rather than react. Your words and actions will be congruent and you will be a conduit of light in your life situation.

We are mirrors for one another. Let’s show each person in our experience the very best in themselves.

Expand Outward

“As we grow in our consciousness, there will be more compassion and more love, and then the barriers between people, between religions, between nations will begin to fall.”
~Ram Dass~

Often it can be challenging to see through the illusions of this world to the love which connects us; however, that is the ultimate purpose of our sojourn through time and space. We must begin within and expand outward. When repeating patterns make you feel trapped, purposely try something different. Take yourself into the unknown and see what arises.

As we learn to overcome our fear, something new emerges. Each situation and life circumstance has something to teach; therefore, varied experiences will give an expanded understanding of your true self and potential.

Find your unique balance of work and play, of celebration and solitude, of giving and receiving and let your life be a dance of opposites and paradox. The most important aspect of spiritual work is how we choose to incorporate it into our physical experience.