Living With Compassion

“There are two things we must raise and evolve if we are to survive and thrive as a species; our consciousness and our compassion. For millennia these have barely shifted.”
~Rasheed Ogunlaru~
All the energy that we send out into the world returns ten-fold. Whether anyone is around to witness our acts of kindness or not, they send powerful reverberations throughout the web of our collective experience. We have the opportunity to live with compassion while consciously planting seeds of growth and awareness.
Recently, I visited the Cascades Raptor Center which specializes in the rehabilitation of birds of prey. With each bird was the story about their past, how they got hurt and information unique to their breed. It was interesting to see the list of companies that contribute to the well-being of the center and I was happy to see my go-to herbal company listed there (Mountain Rose Herbs). There are many people in the world who act quietly, whose lives are statements of compassion and this is where our work lies.
Acts of kindness, no matter how small, are a beautiful use of energy. Seek to leave the world changed for the better because of your sojourn here.