The Dance of Exploration

“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.”
~Carl Jung~

You bring something unique and sacred to the world of form and it can only be fully expressed when you choose to live from the heart. Whether you seek to touch one life or many, realize that you do make a difference. There has never been, nor will there ever be someone with your unique energy and way of being in the world. The journey of your soul can inspire others in ways that you cannot imagine.

Some may express themselves through art, invention, writing stories or raising children while others may be wonderful listeners, someone who remains positive in the face of challenges or free thinkers who accelerate our collective awakening. When your gift comes naturally, you may underestimate the impact it has on others, but you are quite literally fulfilling your life’s purpose simply by being yourself.

In a world of limitless possibility, there is great joy in exploration. New experiences will awaken facets of your spirit that are ready to shine. As we weave the threads of personal experience, a unique design comes into view. Each new insight cultivates a different facet and adds sparkling nuance to the unfolding spiritual journey.

Dream a New World into Being

“Dreaming requires an act of courage, for when we lack it, we have to settle for the world that’s being created by our culture or by our genes – we feel we have to settle for the nightmare. To dream courageously, we must be willing to use our hearts.”
~Alberto Villoldo~

Courageousness is not about being fearless. It is the ability to move forward and take conscious action in spite of any fear that may arise.

No matter what you wish to create in your experience, all transformation begins within. Visualize opening to the vast potential that exists within you and all around you rather than expecting, and therefore receiving, repetitive limiting circumstances. At first, the mind may balk with it’s “Nothing’s ever going to change” mantra; however, consistent intention always sets new energy in motion.

You can dream a new world into being. See yourself as an artist who utilizes divine inspiration in order to guide new visions into life. Forgiveness, gratitude, positive expectations, joyful enthusiasm and willingness demonstrate unwavering commitment to creating new experiences. Each approach, practiced consistently, releases old patterns and resentments and sets you free from past perceived limitations.

All of existence conspires to assist in your spiritual awakening and love rains down upon you from multiple dimensions. Open to receive the new through willingness, imagination and sprinkling a little magic throughout your life.

Waking from the Dream

“You wake from dreams of doom and–for a moment–you know: beyond all the noise and the gestures, the only real thing, love’s calm unwavering flame in the half-light of an early dawn.”
~Dag Hammarskjöld~

Sometimes awakening can be a gentle drifting up through the layers of illusion and symbolism to a morning filled with wonder. Other times, we are jarred awake by an invasive sound, struggling through a nightmare or the movement of another person or animal. These experiences are metaphoric for our spiritual awakening.

The most intense awakenings are abrupt. An experience shifts our perception, a limiting pattern shatters leaving us seeking shelter from the unknown or we feel the insistent calling of our inner purpose. Don’t go back to sleep. There are many, many paths to explore and soul mates waiting to be discovered.

You are the dreamer and life is the dreamed. Quietly hold the illusion in your  mind, what is it trying to tell you? Ultimately you will discover that love resides at the core of everything. All of life supports you in this endeavor.