The Universe Supports You

“Analysis does not transform consciousness.”
~Jiddu Krishnamurti~
The most important aspect of transformation is putting your new skills to use. The bridge between concepts and wisdom is consistent practice. When you’re ready to cultivate new aspects of growth, set an intention. State out loud that you are wanting to be more patient, forgiving, or learn how to love unconditionally, then observe what events come into your experience.
For instance, if you’ve had difficulty defining boundaries, set that as your intention. The Universe will support you by sending souls that cross your boundaries in some way. This will repeatedly happen in various areas of your experience (typically through different people and circumstances) until you’ve found your voice. There will likely be missteps. You’ll come away from the early experiences knowing what doesn’t work and your practice will ultimately lead you to learn how to communicate gently but firmly, how to say no in a healthy way or how to address imbalances when they are smaller and more manageable.
Rather than seeing these things as challenges in your experience, view them as integral aspects of your journey and notice your transformation as it is occurring. You are a beautiful work in progress.