Conscious Parenting

“Your most important job as a parent, or as a friend to a child, is to mentor children in a field of unconditional love and acceptance. Your gift is to see the rightness in them and reflect it back. You are the witness of the Divine in them.”
~Tara Bianca~

Conscious parenting calls upon us to see the very best in one another. Every soul who chooses to come to this planet seeks to become more aware, and each relationship we have provides an opportunity to set the stage for that awakening.

Lower levels of awareness teach that life is something to be conquered, controlled or won. When parents seek to shield their children from hardship or intervene immediately when challenges arise, they rob those in their care of the ability to cultivate personal empowerment. It’s healthy to allow those we love to experiment while providing support, safety and gentle reminders to seek out one’s own potential.

Likewise, children can teach the adults around them. It’s powerful to remember that they are mirrors. Laughter can allow a family to grow together in consciousness. Experiment, observe, love, and remember (in the words of Ram Dass) that we are simply walking one another home.