Your life is a gift to the world

When contemplating our life’s purpose, the one question we don’t ask often enough is “What do I have to offer?”

“The heart has reasons of which the mind knows nothing.” ~Pascal~

When you find your joy, you bring something to the world that wasn’t there before. Sharing your gifts, talents, insights and passion can inspire others to do the same. The way to true contentment is found within the innermost wisdom of the heart.

If you seek clarity about your path, begin by staying fully present with the anxiety that arises rather than “trying to figure it out.” Instead of thinking, be present with what you are experiencing. Go deeper within. Insights usually occur as a flash of inspiration or heart-driven knowledge that elicits a deep calmness. Rather than trying we begin to do.

When you can give from the heart without attachment, joy becomes present in your expression of life. Not everyone is called upon to be a teacher or charity worker; however, your joyful presence is your gift to the world. No matter what your occupation, bring a high level of consciousness to your interactions with others. By creating an energy of peacefulness and cooperation, you are sharing your gifts.

Today my intention is to remember that true fulfillment comes from the sharing of my unique gifts.

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