Embrace the uncertainty

We limit life with our mind-made expectations.

“Fear is non acceptance of uncertainty. If we accept that uncertainty, it becomes adventure.” ~Rumi~

We humans have limited perception by divine design. The unknowable aspects of life allows us to cultivate the art of surrender. At some point, we discover that things actually flow better when we do not attempt to control the outside world. Instead, we learn to place our focus on the inner and listen to the language of the soul.

The higher your state of consciousness, the easier life flows. If you are immersed in struggle, see if you can take a step back from the situation and allow it to be what it is. Consciously choose to release all attachment and become the observer. This process opens the doors of perception and sets you free from any self-made prisons.

Don’t wait for your life to fall into place before you choose to be joyful. Instead, choose to be joyful now and life will reflect your joy to you in beautiful and surprising ways.

Today my intention is to embrace the adventure of life.

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